Pogradec Erseka Korca Devoll

This village area has an unspoiled natural beauty. The village is situated at the top of a hillside, 25 km from Korca.

The highest point is Rrungaja, at 1,750m altitude. One of the attractions is the cold water of Bellovoda, very rich-in-minerals and also known as White Water.

Flora and fauna are quite abundant especially with wild animals like bear, wolf, fox, deer, hare, and forest stands of beech, oak, and pine.

Plentiful mountain tea leaves and different medicinal herbs can be found in the Vithkuq area. The village will impress all those visitors who enjoy climbing and fresh air in a mountainous healthy climate. 

  • The Saint Peter Monastery has frescos and icons with flowers, birds and mythological animals.
  • Saint Mikeli and Saint George.
  • The Tomb of Babtiz.
  • Saint Peter’s Monastery and other area churches have famous works by the painters Zografi and Shpataraku.
  • Vithkuq churches have a great gallery of frescos and icons.
  • The artificial Gjanci Reservoir holds different kinds of fish.