Pogradec Erseka Korca Devoll

Though now a remote village, in the 14th century Voskopoja became an important medieval city and served as a bridge not only within the country but also amongst neighboring countries like Greece and Turkey.

Voskopoja reached the peak of its prosperity in 1764, when the population rose to 30,000 inhabitants. During this period the city had 24 churches with beautiful frescos. Unfortunately, only seven of them remain today. Voskopoja had an academy, library, print house (dating from 1720), and a fertile production of handicrafts and textiles. Voskopoja was destroyed for the first time in 1769, for the second time in 1789, and for the third time in 1916. Fortunately, there is still a great wealth of medieval art remaining in the village. 

The beautiful town and surrounding landscapes are surrounded by high hills and lush fern forests. A wonderful view of the Lenije and Ostrovica mountain peaks can be experienced from the Monastery of Saint Prodhom (2,246m above sea level).
The fresh summers, cold winters, summer greenery, fresh mountainous air rich in oxygen, and white winter view invite you to spend exciting moments here with your families and friends. A ski slope is available in the winter where regional and national competitions are held.
Churches to visit in Voskopoja:
  • The Monastery of Saint Prodhom, where sadly only one church remains due to the destructive fire that took the other parts of the monastery. 
  • The Saint Kolli church was built in 1721. It contains frescos and paintings by Byzantine masters David, Kostandini and Anastasi.
  • The Saint Milli and Saint Thanasi churches are in ruins but there are still parts of great paintings by Kostandin and Athanas remaining.