Pogradec Erseka Korca Devoll
Visit Korca Region

Here, you will find a wonderfully harmonious combination of high mountains, hills, lakes, fields, culture, art, cooking and deep traditions.

Tourist offerings are based mainly on the Korca culture and traditions, which are different from any other place, and are especially enjoyable with the special scenery found in this region.

The region welcomes everybody that loves adventure, nature, and magic. The people of the region have always taken their tradition of hospitability and entertainment seriously, while being committed to easiness and open-mindedness to their guests.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere in the area most famous in all of Albania for serenades and carnivals!

Come and taste an ideal combination of marvelous nature, lake beaches, sun, mountains and flowers. Take a break from the everyday routine and stress. Come and explore an unknown world!

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