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Strategic development planning

The importance of tourism as a major contributor to the economic and social health of nations and regions throughout the world has significantly increased.

Tourism is now commonly viewed not only as a major source of employment, but also as a catalyst for urban and rural regeneration.

In common with all types of economic development, tourism must proceed in a planned, orderly fashion. This is best achieved through the undertaking and implementation of a Strategic/ Action Development Plan.

This would typically involve the following stages

  • Assessing the physical infrastructure and tourism facilities.
  • Assessing existing tourism trends within the area.
  • Consulting with all relevant officials within the area, e. g. local authorities, tourism organizations, community groups etc.
  • Investigating market opinion on the development of tourism.
  • Examining the impact on the environment of development to ensure sustainability.

Strategic/ Action Development Plans should outline both an overall development strategy and action plan to guide broad development as well as clear, concise policy statements / objectives which outline specific recommendations to be implemented on the ground.