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Cultural Tour of Korca City

Cultural Tour of KorcaKorca Culture

Cradle of Albanian Culture






   Korca is considered  the birthplace of Albania's literary and artistic identity and city's charm and traditions  continue to reflect this heritage. Korca's urban architecture, with its Ottoman, French and Arromanian influences, wide tree-lined boulevards and ample parks provide a completely unique experience in Albania. The city's markets, monuments, and mosques and churches (dating back to early Byzantine and Ottoman times) highlight the significance of this important Balkan crossroads city.

Trip guide: The round trip lasts approximately 3 hours, including a guided tour through Korca and entrance to city museums. 


Tour Highlights 

- Citywalk through Korca, Albanian Cradle of Culture

- Discover Europe's richest archive of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons at the Medieval Museum of Art 

- Visit a traditional market rooted in Ottoman heritage 

- Visit the first Albanian School, now the National Museum of Education

- Visit one of the oldest mosques in the Balkans: Iliaz Bey Mirahori mosque 


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