Dardha excursion

Dardha ExcursionDardha

Hiking in the Morava Mountains 






Travel back in time as you visit one of the most beautifully preserved villages in the region.

Dardha lies 20 km from Korca at an altitude of over 1,300m above sea level. Founded centuries ago by families fleeing the occupation of central Albania, this remote mountain village is nestled between the Morava and Gramoz Mountains. The well-preserved stone homes highlight a proud village that has been left largely untouched over time. The green fields, fresh summer days and cold snowy winters make Dardha a popular tourist destination throughout the year for its unparalleled natural, architectural and culinary traditions. 

Trip guide: The round trip lasts approximately 6 hours, including a guided tour through the village of Dardha, lunch and hike through the adjoining mountain pass. 
  • Hike around the Morava Mountains
  • Discover the cultural and architectural traditions of this unique village
  • Enjoy traditional regional cuisine
  • The brithplace of the famous lakror pie, prepared in the most traditional way
  • Traverse beautiful landscapes and rural areas

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