Surprising Prespa

Surprising Prespa LakePrespa Hike

Explore a little-known national Albanian treasure






Visit a cross-border nature preserve to experience a wholly different way of life in Albania.

The Park is situated 45 km northeast of Kor├ža and spreads across the borders of three nations: Albania, Macedonia and Greece, with the Albanian side encompassing two lakes and clusters of small rural villages. The prisitne waters of Prespa Lake, which feed into larger Lake Ohrid, are lined with a variety of rocky and sandy beaches have a geologic composition of limestone, karstic and tectonic origins. Maligrad Island, visitable by boat, lies in the Albanian part of Lake Prespa and features the 13th century remains of Saint Mary's Church, built within a massive rocky cavern and housing beautiful Byzantine murals. The basilica is a point of pilgrimage for followers of Eastern Orthdox Christianity.   

Trip guide: The round trip lasts approximately 6 hours, including transport and a guided hike through Prespa Park, a boat trip to Maligrad Island, traditional fish lunch and a visit with local community artisans. 

  • Hike through the National Park of Prespa
  • Discover beautiful Macro (Large) Prespa Lake and visit Maligrad Island by boat, including the Byzantine Church of Saint Mary
  • Enjoy traditional cuisine, including famous Prespa fish 
  • Learn about the traditions of the local Macedonian community

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