Pogradec Erseka Korca Devoll
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Beer Fest, the largest festival in Albania, has been honored with the Albanian Tourism Prize

The Korca Beer Fest, already a festival well-known throughout all of Albania and the region, has been honored with the Albanian Tourism Prize, awarded by the Minister of Tourism, Youth and Sports, and the Albanian Tourism Association.

The assembled jury of well-known names, including international figures, recognized the Municipality of Korca and its project “Beer Fest” as the best and most special of its kind for promoting Korca as a tourist destination.

The concept for the beer festival began in 2007, continuing in full throughout the following years in all its components. Besides the festival concept and complete package that it offers (infrastructure, participation, show, decorative elements, etc), organizers have used a communications and promotion strategy that has directed the Korca beer festival to an unconditional success.

The jury qualified Beer Fest as one of the best-practice examples for other cities of Albania and honored it with the Albanian Tourism Prize for 2010, as an ongoing effort of the Municipality, private businesses and social groups from the city of Korca and their contributions to the strengthening of the Albanian tourism sector. Amongst the 16 competitors taking part in the selection were municipalities, organizations and agencies operating in the field of tourism.

Beer Fest has become, in this manner, a fixed date in calendars, drawing national and international attention.