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The Park s Sculpture - Korca 2011

Korça is the city where the tradition of incorporating works of art finds its best. For the first time, Korca hosts national and international sculptors alike. During the years of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 the Municipality of Korça has welcomed 32 sculptors for the International Park’s Sculpture Symposium, which has given our city 32 contemporary works of art in stone.
The green areas of the city, especially focusing on Park “Rinia”, are where these works of modern art are visible for citizens and foreign visitors. 
From 6 to 16 July, 2011, the city of Korça has organized the 4th  International edition “Park’s Sculpture- Korça 2011” .
Artists from around the world— including Turkey, Rumania, Portugaly, France, Spain and New Zealand— have two weeks to complete their works in nature, in the Park "Rinia". Sculptors participating in the projects are selected in advance by an international jury in the competition announced by Electronic City Hall. There were 80 competing projects of which only 8 were selected.
Like last year, all works of sculptures were engraved and took form in nature to the Park "Rina". These works are primarily abstract, and were met by white blocks, with dimensions intended by the artists themselves. The geography of the country of origin and cultural and artistic training sculptors, materialized in these works of abstract art, which except the aesthetic beauty carry a mixture of history, symbolism, mysticism and tradition of the people.
Now, 8 third edition sculptures were added last year, pleasing the environments that are most frequented in the city park. Municipality of Korça is on the right path to achieve its primary objective, the transformation of the Park "Rinia" in a natural gallery of modern art.